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Longevity Series

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These webinars will feature masterclass lecturers who are leaders in the longevity space. This will be a highly curated set of talks, in masterclass format, starting from basics and going to cutting edge theories.

Masterclass Lecturers

Dr. Elena Gross: Dr. sc. med. Elena Gross has a BSc in Psychology (University of York), an MSc in Neuroscience (University of Oxford) and PhD (Dr. sc. med) in Clinical Research (University of Basel). She is the founder and CEO/CSO of KetoSwiss (100%). She used to be a chronic migraine patient and due to the lack of tolerable and efficacious treatment options, she pursued an MSc in Neuroscience (University of Oxford), where she discovered ketone bodies & their potential therapeutic use in neurological disease, which changed her life. She initiated & funded the first ever clinical trial using exogenous ketone body salts in the world as her PhD project at the University of Basel and partly University of Harvard Medical School. She later founded KetoSwiss to bring exogenous ketone bodies to other patients. Elena has expertise, including publications in high ranking journals (such as Nature Neurology), in the areas of ketosis, ketogenic diets, energy metabolism, neurological diseases (migraines in particular), clinical trials and metabolic therapies. Her PhD project has been awarded several prices and she is the inventor of four patents. She additionally completed several Bio Business / entrepreneurship courses and two project management in medicine development courses and started studying entrepreneurship at the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Marco Quarta: Marco leads Rubedo Life Sciences driving its mission to develop treatments for age-related diseases and extend healthspan. As a scientist, he earned a Masters degree in Biotechnology, a PhD in Neuroscience, and post-doctoral training in Aging, Stem Cells Biology, and Regenerative Medicine in the leading lab of his mentor Prof. Thomas Rando at Stanford University School of Medicine. He then directed at Stanford/VA Hospital Palo Alto a research team focused on translational medical research in the fields of aging and regenerative medicine. He is backed by over 20 years of research with an extensive track record of scientific publications in top tier journals (such as Nature, Science, Nature Biotechnology, Cell Stem Cell). He is an inventor on U.S. patents. As an entrepreneur, Marco first started as a PhD student, when he co-founded the international biotech umbrella organization Young European Biotech Network (YEBN) focused on international academic and industrial policies and project development. He later joined the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB) as an executive board member along with major players from academic and biotech/pharma industry, such as Roche, Novartis and Novo Nordisk. Quarta founded the biotech companies “WetWare Concepts” in Europe, where he served as CEO and Executive President, and “Turn Biotechnologies” in California, where he served as CSO and Director. Quarta sits on the advisory board of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) – Calpoly program in regenerative medicine, and in the advisory and research boards at the Center for Healthcare Innovation (CHI). He is a member of the Paul F Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging Studies at Stanford University.

Emil Andersen: Emil is the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at ExSeed Health, a company focused on diagnosing and treating male infertility. He has a background as a scientist in the area of epigenetics and reproduction, with his work published in high impact journals such as EMBO reports, Diabetes and Epigenomics. Emil’s interests include transgenerational inheritance and the molecular aspects of how the fertility potential of a sperm cell can be altered by the environment.




10am-12pm PT

Lecture 1

‘The future of female reproductive longevity ’ , Dina Radenkovic



10am-12pm PT

Lecture 2

'Therapeutic Reversal of Brain Aging & Neurodegeneration'.
Dr. Judith Kelleher-Andersson



10am-12pm PT

Lecture 3

'Longevity & Keto: preventing migraine & neurological diseases'.
Dr. Elena Gross



10am-12pm PT

Lecture 4

'Getting rid of zombies cells to stay young and healthy', Dr. Marco Quarta



10am-12pm PT

Lecture 5

'Male fertility and the ageing sperm.'
Emil Andersen

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