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Longevity Series

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These webinars will feature masterclass lecturers who are leaders in the longevity space. This will be a highly curated set of talks, in masterclass format, starting from basics and going to cutting edge theories.

Masterclass Lecturers

Lecture 1
February 12

Mitochondrial Bioreactors, Space Travel and Longevity
Tom Benson, Benedict Albensi, Scott Parazynski


Lecture 2 
March 18

Unlocking the Secrets of Aging - A Journey with XPRIZE Healthspan

Dr. Jamie Justice


Lecture 3
April 22

'A Vaccine for Aging

Ronjon Nag, Agemica, R42


Lecture 4
May 28th

Wearables for longevity

Dr. Silvia Veronese
CEO, X10e

Lecture 5
June 27th

Brain Aging

Dr. Christin Glorioso
CEO, Neuroage

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