Longevity Series

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These webinars will feature masterclass lecturers who are leaders in the longevity space. This will be a highly curated set of talks, in masterclass format, starting from basics and going to cutting edge theories.

Masterclass Lecturers

Dr. Benedict Albensi - Professor, St. Boniface Hospital, University of Manitoba Neural Plasticity Lab. Neurodegeneration, energy metabolism, and mitochondria expert. Top 1% worldwide for number of Alzheimer's disease and memory publications, 2010-2020. Scientific Advisor at Mitrix Bio.


Dr. Jesus Gil - Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Clinical Sciences, Imperial College London.


Dr. Judith Campisi - Professor of Biogerontology at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Member of the SENS Research Foundation Advisory Board, Adviser at the Lifeboat Foundation.


Dr. Chris Hackley - Co-Founder and CEO at CRISP-HR, 10+ years experience in a variety of biological areas, with a particular expertise in protein engineering.


Dr. Joao Pedro de Magalhaes - Microbiologist, Professor, University of Liverpool, where his lab studies the aging process, Chief Scientific Officer of Centaura.




10am-12pm PT

Lecture 1

‘Why are we alive? Mitochondria and Aging’ , Dr. Benedict Albensi.



10am-12pm PT

Lecture 2

How to Target Senescence as a Treatment for Cancer and Age-related Diseases', Dr. Jesus Gil.



10am-12pm PT

Lecture 3

Health Span and Life Span - will the Twain Meet?', Dr. Judith Campisi.



10am-12pm PT

Lecture 4

CRISPR and Aging: Current Limitations and Future Possibilities', Dr. Chris Hackley.



10am-12pm PT

Lecture 5

Dr. Joao Pedro De Magalhaes.