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Courses By R42 Personnel


Stanford Continuing Studies Courses

Jan 29, 2023-March 19th, 2023 (6 weeks, in person andonline): ‘A Crash Course in AI’.

Why do we get old? Is aging another disease that can ultimately be cured? Can our lifespans be extended? How are centenarians different from others? In this course, we will seek to unravel the mysteries controlling human lifespan by journeying through the science and technology of aging. We will begin by examining current theories explaining the process of aging. This includes an investigation into programmed longevity, which suggests organisms have an inherent set of genes that determine their lifespan, as well as the wear and tear theory, which claims the gradual accumulation of cell damage causes aging. We’ll then explore how men and women age differently (women experience menopause, with increased bone loss, whereas men tend to more quickly experience cognitive decline) and look at research programs at Stanford and elsewhere focused on aging science. We will conclude by examining innovations intended to improve the quality of life as we age, including how technology can help us live longer through enhanced monitoring, predictive diets, and exercise regimens; the ways that artificial intelligence can create robotic and software assistants; and even how we may be able to store our memories and personalities after we pass away. Students will leave this course with a fundamental understanding of human aging, its clinical relevance, and innovations to understand the aging process and treat issues associated with it.

Online & In Person (Hybrid)



AI fellow


R42 Institute AI Fellows Program

R42 Institute is running an AI Fellowship Program. A launchpad for deep technology and science disruptors, the Fellowship is designed to develop AI/machine learning, deep science, design thinking and entrepreneurial skills of emerging talent.


Rolling Start Dates

Founders program


R42 will bring your ideas to life. We want to look at the very earliest stage of ideas, likely when there are only one or two founders, no prototype. This is not an accelerator - we want to jump in and help found the company with you.


Rolling Start Dates

R42 Institute Founders Program

UK northern PhD
Guest Lectures
Artificial intelligence
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